The Reason We Exist

Simple matters. For most of the world’s population the simple things in life, such as being able to eat and drink clean water, really aren’t so simple. More than one billion people in the world live, and then die, in poverty because they are trying to live on less than one dollar a day. Another two billion people live on less than two dollars a day. Thousands of children die every day because they do not have food to eat.

Simple Matters focuses on helping communities. We want to see entire villages given a chance at a better life.  Simple Matters works with local pastors and churches in the communities we serve.

Simple matters. One person cannot feed the entire world. But every person can do something to impact the life of someone. What may seem simple may actually be life-changing. A little goes a long way. What could you do without?

what is simple matters?

Below is a video about Simple Matters, its history and its ministries.

Watch and get acquainted with the heart of Simple Matters as we minister in Honduras.