On December 22, 2018 our Board President, John Cook passed away suddenly. The loss of John was a shock to us all, but our deep sadness gradually gave way to sincere gratitude for all that John did for the people of Honduras. No one ever loved more than John did. He had such a tender heart, and this was never more evident than with the children of Honduras. He traveled there on many mission trips, and no matter whether he was building a medical clinic building or a "pila" or a fire-pit, he was never too busy to throw a frisbee or play soccer with the kids. The children were always in his heart, even after coming back to the States each time. He worked diligently through Simple Matters to help provide the basics of nutrition, medical care, and educational opportunities for the children of Honduras. We will miss him greatly. Our comfort is while now he is apart from us, he is present with the Lord!

In honor of John, Simple Matters has established the John W. Cook Scholarship Fund.  Monies from this fund will be used to help young people in Honduras continue their education beyond high school.  To give to the scholarship fund you can either navigate to the "get involved" page or you can click here. If you wish to give to the scholarship fund be sure to choose it from the drop-down menu on the PayPal portal.

Please watch the following video which highlights the many ways John impacted lives in Honduras.